4 of the best wallpapersI am totally fine knowing I’ll probably never have wallpapered walls – I simply cannot choose just one. Obsessing over pattern choices has been a regular feature on Lobster and Swan over the years, so today I am just sharing the five amazing wallpaper prints that have been frying my brain over the last few months. Some old, some new, starting from above –  Swan Lake by Nina Campbell – for obvious reasons and I am totally taken with the yellow colour way.4 of the best wallpapersOctavia by Designers Guild subtle colours combined to create a hand oilpainted feel, pretty but bold, oldfashioned but not.4 of the best wallpapersManila by Sanderson a total wild card for me – but I love the stylised leaf design, it feels fresh and tropical and I especially like it in the crazy turquoise colour way! 4 of the best wallpapersHouse of HackneyMidnight Garden (dark) and Peoneden (citrine) both by House of Hackeney, vintage style grandeur with a luxury feel – ‘prints that are steeped in tradition but are bold and non conformist for a modern statement’. Any of these take your fancy? If I could house them all it wouldn’t that be great – behold the crazy house of pattern!

Bathroom image (top) via Natalie Clayman, all other images from links above.