Handmade wedding style - Me and OrlaWhat a whirlwind weekend. Did you have fun? We took a mini road trip to Yorkshire to attend the magical and twinkling – handmade wedding of Sara and Rory. From the minute the invitation arrived with its delicate botanical illustration – I knew this was going to be a special day.Handmade wedding style - Me and OrlaAutumn tiptoeing in with rosehips in the hedgerows, as we crossed from the South to the North. Handmade wedding style - Me and OrlaHandmade wedding style - Me and OrlaThe sky darkened and rain fell, but only for that one evening. On the day of the wedding the sun came out and everything was perfect. From the home baked cakes – made by the guests (and the bride), to the floral explosion – spectacularly arranged by Fiona of Firenza Flowers.Handmade wedding style - Me and OrlaHandmade wedding style - Me and OrlaOver two days this ordinary cow shed was dusted with handmade magic by Sara and Hannah with help from friends and family. Tables were set and the bubbles were on ice as we all waited for the bride to arrive. I thought I would leave Sara’s dress hidden for when she shares her wedding pictures with the world. I cannot wait to see them!Handmade wedding style - Me and OrlaHandmade wedding style - Me and OrlaHandmade wedding style - Me and OrlaThe prettiest flowers, greenery, candles and special vows all swirled together with music, dancing, merry-making and candle light. A very special evening indeed, we were so happy to be there with Sara, Rory, Orla and their family and friends. Including some peeps we have been looking forward to meeting after speaking on Ig! The lovely Emily and Harrison, Jules, James and Oscar, Freya and Adam and our dancing partners for the evening – Nicole and Alan.Handmade wedding style - Me and OrlaHandmade wedding style - Me and OrlaOrlaTiny Orla and the biggest Café au Lait dahlias – I have ever seen!Handmade wedding style - Me and OrlaA spinning Frankie about to set an entire tube of soapy bubbles free into the air.Hand made wedding favours The favours were these beautiful hand shaped pinch pots – above, all made by Sara, Hannah and Fiona with ceramicist Sarah Jerath. Such a lovely detail, we will treasure ours always. Handmade wedding style - Me and OrlaHandmade wedding style - Me and OrlaCake! So much cake, I tasted as many as I could. Then burnt as much as possible off with some céilidh dancing! A few too many glasses of prosecco for most of us taking part and the poor dance master must have felt like he was herding kittens, very tipsy kittens.Handmade wedding style - Me and OrlaHandmade wedding style - Me and OrlaSara’s bouquet was a beautiful mix of wandering blooms all swirling this way and that.Handmade wedding style - Me and OrlaHandmade wedding style - Me and OrlaTea lights and leaves. Ivy, sweet peas and clematis were draped along the walls, cattle barriers and barn doors, with hundreds of flickering candles and shimmering holders everywhere. Handmade wedding style - Me and OrlaThe Peak DistrictWe laughed, danced and drank, then slept in the field next to the barn. It was too wet on the ground for me to brave setting up our tent, so I insisted we make a nest of linen and pillows in our van! We woke up to a beautiful Yorkshire sunrise and then hit the road back home – with a few stops on the way. Congratulations to Sara, Rory and their tiny Orla xxxThe Peak District

  • Julia Williams
    August 31, 2016

    So beautiful Jeska!! Stunning photos, gorgeous words. Such a special day. And you have captured it perfectly xx

  • Miranda | Miranda's Notebook
    August 31, 2016

    What a truly stunning wedding and spectacular weekend! I love the idea of guests bringing their cakes too! xxx

  • Nicole
    August 31, 2016

    You’re very generous calling us “dancing partners”, more like “semi co-ordinated flinging around the room partners” really… So much fun! (and I do pity the caller – I think he was about ready to give up and go home at one point…)

    Some beautiful images – I’m yet to get down to the summer edit / seeing what is on my camera (not much this year as I accidentally left the battery in the charger when we went on our travels!), these are making me look forward to the job…

    N. x

  • Amy Eleanor
    August 31, 2016

    This looks so beautiful! I love the long tables with all the flowers and candles, absolutely stunning! It sounds like a really special day that everyone who attended will remember.

  • woodenwindowsills
    September 1, 2016

    Wow it looks like the most beautiful incredible wedding ever. I love the pinch pots as favours and having a cake competition! Alice xxx


  • Tamzin Pettitt
    September 1, 2016

    Looks beautiful! Love the idea of a cake stand!

  • Ronnie De Leede
    September 5, 2016

    what an amazing post! Looks like a dream wedding to me :-)