Hand made shelfFlaming June – hasn’t just been?! The husband has been cycling around Scotland in the rain and the cats and I have been lolling about in a daze. Windows flung open, rustling grasses and insect buzzing beyond. Here are a few picture postcards from this last weekend and around the place.Relaxed living room style Oak Window seat Office gardening Real life Kitchen renovation Real life unstyled above, still no kitchen (this is our hallway) – but hopefully work will re-start over the weekend or at the beginning of next week. I know once we get started it will be done in no time. I have grown accustomed to preparing our meals on this foot square vintage cupboard complete with creosote marks, it came out of our friend’s garage! A new coat of paint and it will fit right in to our new rustic kitchen perfectly.Wabi-sabi tabby cat - Wallis Fallen petalsGathered garden blooms and fallen confetti, I don’t have the heart to sweep it away.Bathroom inspiration with Mandarin StonePlans are getting sorted for the bathroom too with some vintage-style tiles from Mandarin Stone – and we are thinking slate again for the floor. We loved that texture in our last bathroom. Tea Shed Wabi-sabi Tabby Cat Shed days with Marlo, she has declared the Tea Shed hers now, so Wallis doesn’t come in. She stays outside chasing butterflies in our meadow garden, while I read in here out of the sun. Coastal Zen GardenA coastal zen garden of colected treasure from beaches all over the world.Our gardenSummer successes – our borage has flowered and everything else has flourished. Then almost perished in the heat. I have a feeling our water bill is going to be terrifying this quarter!BorageCoastal walksCoastal walks and cabin envy in Winchelsea Beach.Cabin envy Beach flowers Coastal garden inspirationElder flower and rosesHedgerow pairings, fluffy elderflower and pale pink wild roses – the perfect duo, don’t you think?Wild poppy garden A garden of wild poppies and some salvaged galvanised happiness with foxgloves.Rustic Garden envyCoastal garden inspirationNigella forest in a shingle garden.Hand picked garden bloomsMore blooms in sunshine colours. Our garden brings me so much joy these days – with a little anguish and frustration thrown in. How about yours? Do you have a garden of any size? xCalifornian poppies

  • Kinga (rose&vanilla)
    June 27, 2017

    Beautiful photos <3

  • Maren Ingeborg Gråblomst
    June 29, 2017

    So lovely Jeska, you really inspire me and you’re so sweet! And so is your cats and garden and everything! <3

    • JeskaHearne
      June 30, 2017

      Thank you M, YOU are too sweet and the cats are waving a paw hello :)