Forest and Found at Caro SomersetThe rain is back, adding mood and feelings of retreating back into hibernation. Hopefully not for too much longer, but while we wait – here are a few pictures from the last weekend or so. After a heatwave igniting our passion for all things outdoors, last week was spent ducking in and out of shops, galleries and garden centres in the pouring rain.Dried flower displayIn between shop updates and trips to the post office, we took a couple of days off to drive down to Somerset to stay with friends Max and Abigail and visit their exhibition. Peeped in peoples windows, picked early flowering geums from our garden to brighten our bedsides and desks.Geums in a jarWe got lost in the beautiful hand-crafted world of Andrea Brugi and Samina Langholz (will share more about this beautiful book soon).Dew on lupin leaves I captured water diamonds on lupin leaves and made the most of our fading hellebores.Hellebores for spring Book shelf un-styled Moved some shelves around and poured over cookery books.Trashed the kitchen and planted up seeds all over the table.secret collections Vintage wine glass cabinet Hellebores for spring Forest and Found at Caro SomersetA midweek interlude of wood and textiles with Max and Abigail of Forest + Found in the Caro studio in Somerset.Forest and Found at Caro SomersetForest and Found at Caro Somerset Forest and Found at Caro Somerset Inspiration shelf I tidied my desk and infused it with copal incense and delicately scented candles.Garden centre Sneaking peeks into the grow houses at one of our favourite local plant nurseries. I picked up some alpines and a beautiful new pot, now just waiting for the sun to come back so I can plant it up.Colour inspiration for spring - coral and turquoiseSwooned over this coral tulip and stunning turquoise paint colour combo!Colour inspiration for spring - coral and turquoiseTulip season is almost over but we are still enjoying one last barrel full in our front garden. The kitchen is now calling us to make home roasted nut butter and a cake with some bananas that look like they might walk out of the door all by themselves if I don’t intervene! Back soon xTulip aisle

  • lizzie smith
    May 1, 2018