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Washable paper bagHappy Monday to you. If you are a follower on IG you might have heard already but if not – last Friday was our first anniversary for The Future Kept. I cannot believe a whole year has flown by already and what an amazing twelve months they have been. Through the long days and late nights, we have grown with our business and we couldn’t have asked for more support or a better response from all of you, our customers, friends and family. THANK YOU. Read on for some of our best moments and a few of our favourite photographs.ceramic coffee dripper home brew v60 made in the ukwaxed canvas backpack in brownMy friend Sarah-Lou has this thing where she discusses the highs and lows of an experience – she calls it the peach and the pit. The last twelve months have been filled with hard work and long hours all whizzing by in a flash, but we can’t complain – it has been a giant peach of a year.Amelie Mancini tea towelsErnest Journal magazineSome of our highlights include –
– Meeting amazing makers and designers, which we now call friends.
– Getting our first order 6 hours after we launched.
– Waking up every day as our own boss!
Aztec patterned cushion from the future keptuashmama ladies metallic rose gold pochette– Spending time outdoors shooting products on the clifftops, beach and in the woods.
– Wrapping each parcel with love and recycled packaging.
– Being featured in the beautiful books Chic Boutiquers and How to Style Your Brand.
– Sneaking the cats into our product photos.
Chic boutiquers by Ellie Tennentfat and the moon natural beauty products– Collaborating with amazing makers and working on bespoke products.
– Talking with our customers on Instagram, the phone and by email.
– Shooting photos for an Ernest Journal article that made it to the print version of the magazine!forest and found collection– Discovering beautiful handmade products from all corners of the world.
– Styling all our own photos and improving our photography daily.
– Supporting low impact and traditional artisan making methods.
– Spending almost every one of the last 365 days together and actually still liking each other! ;)Trevor Ablett KnifeThe lows we have experienced have not been in our working life. I enjoy sharing my creative life here but rarely talk about the deeper side of our personal life, dealing with loss and sadness is something I feel more comfortable coping with in my own time alone or with my family. Losing a few magical people this year has been the toughest thing, a beautiful friend who was way too young to be leaving this place so soon, a treasured family member and one of our makers – the lovely Trevor Ablett, who also sadly passed away this week. We have actually been very grateful in a way that nurturing our fledgling store has kept us busy through these difficult times.the homeground jewelleryIn life, we are keen to make sure we savour each day, take the time to appreciate all that happens whether it be a happy email from someone who has had a good experience in the store, or one of those rare moments when our cats want to snuggle up close (they are very independent). Working for ourselves full time has been an eye-opening experience in many ways and although we have probably worked more hours than ever before, it has been on our own terms and we have ultimately created something that has had a positive effect on us, hopefully on others too, and is fulfilling and rewarding all at once. Thank you again for joining us on our journey. xThe future Kept Store Owners

  • Jesse Lili
    October 19, 2015

    A wonderful post and it’s great to be able to peek behind the scenes at this first year in the life of your shop. I think it’s an incredible journey that you’re both on and your visual aesthetic and commitment to small businesses and makers really inspires me Jeska.

    • JeskaHearne
      October 20, 2015

      Thank you Jesse, we have met so many amazing people and next year might be even more exciting?! :)

  • Hymala
    November 4, 2015

    So wonderful! I always think about the importance of forming a life to be proud of, and to be in a position where you can say that you made a contribution, an offering of something great, and that you’ve spent your precious life well! I really admire the people who do. It’s going to be such a special treasure, the memories and the stunning photos, for you and Dean, especially way in the future and to be able to say that you opened a successful, ethical store with carefully selected items that supported and celebrated artisans that deserved celebrating, and not only that you did at a time when the world really needed this shift and change but that you also did it together as husband and wife! How beautiful! Congratulations xx Wishing you many more years of love, joy and success X

    • JeskaHearne
      November 9, 2015

      aww thank you, you always know how to make my day, with your kind words! xx

  • Sara Tasker
    November 11, 2015

    This top photo is a dream. Huge congrats on your first tremendous year! Here’s to the next 50! x