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Romanian mountains in autumnOctober feels a long time ago now, but my memories of it are vivid and my photographs plentiful. I hope you will enjoy these images – my postcards from an Autumn in Romania and the unforgettable five days we spent there. We spent them learning to knit, creating and relaxing with our friend and retreat organiser – Natasha, her son Jameel (great photos!) and a group of quite frankly, awesome women from all over the world, it was A-mazing. We gathered in Northern Romania to create, relax, commune and experience.Autumn in Romania Autumn in Romania Autumn in Romania Autumn in Romania Dean did not feel out numbered being only one of two men, he got to eat seconds (possibly thirds on a few occasions) at every meal and knitted his first ever potholder!Autumn in Romania Romanian artisan weavers Autumn in Romania Autumn in Romania Romanian country life We spent time in the company of shepherds, weavers and potters – all in the beautiful countryside. We ate polenta, forest mushrooms, locally produced cheeses and fresh baked cakes. Shrouded in mist up in the mountains with the scent of snow in the air – we filled our souls with the views and our cameras with memories to treasure forever.Romanian country life Romanian country life Romanian country life Romanian country life Autumn in Romania The colours were like no other I had experienced. We drove up and up through forests of golden birch trees through tunnels of burnt umbers and bronze. The leaves were turning from archways of honey to rusty flames – quite a contrast from the blue skies and sunshine of our California road trip just weeks before.Autumn in Romania Autumn in Romania Romanian shepherd Autumn in Romania We met artisans and visited their homes, swooned over hand spun balls of local wool and fell in love with all the Romanian grandmas we saw. A country of stark contrasts – the scenery was breathtaking and all the wild dogs and cats heartbreaking. I wanted to round up all the animals that needed a good meal and bring them home with me. As much as the romance of crumbling old houses, decorative architecture and old way of life made me dizzy – I fell back to earth with a bang realising life must be very tough here.Autumn in Romania Autumn in the Romanian mountains Romanian monastery Romanian artisan weavers Romanian artisan weaversA leisurely drive off the beaten track (missing track in parts) and through the mountains towards the airport and home. With a small break for an impromptu goat herding photo shoot – was a spectacular finale to our Romanian adventure.Romanian pottery Romanian pottery Romanian travelogue Romanian travelogue Autumn in the Romanian mountainsRoll on 2017 as Natasha is planning a Highland adventure – I’ll keep you posted in case you want to join us?! Happy weekend:)Autumn in Romania

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  • Maren Ingeborg Gråblomst
    December 17, 2016

    Oh Jeska how I’ve missed you! I’ve been so busy in my own music-bubble lately that I totally forgot all the beauty you serve me. And now I want to stay up all night and just read every single word in your latest posts and look at the photos over and over again and scroll your whole pinterest! Can’t believe I took this “blog-break”, ha ha ;) When you left me a comment on my blog the other day I felt guilty for not visiting yours (or others) for some time. No one else on this planet makes me want to travel as much as you do. I want to visit every place you show off. I probably sound super duper excited and “this is too much”, but I can’t help it. I love your blog and everything you write and share. THANK YOU AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!