Coffee and scandinavian styleCopenhagen Bicycles Up late to share a few favourite pictures with you from my last five days in Copenhagen. We found so much to fall in love with in there. Staying in this light and airy apartment, (thank you to the lovely Tina our host). I knew riding a bike was popular there but had no idea of the volume of cyclists, lovely lean legs everywhere! Roses were growing on nearly every building, and the coffee bars we found were exceptional.Favourite Copenhagen shopsLots of graffiti, but mother nature above decided to stand her ground. Beautifully curated stores, like Affaer above and Butik Flittig below right. Favourite Copenhagen shopsFavourite Copenhagen shopsPictures hanging up in Affaer and a delicious healthy lunch in 42 Raw Copenhagen catQuite possibly my favourite cat safari of all time, this gorgeously chilled out tabby cutie was watching the world go by from his second story window. Cygnets and swansA moving garden, that pops up all around the city, and some delightfully fluffy cygnets in the park.Favourite Copenhagen shopsMore retail beauty in Dora, the walls were perfectly peeling and shelves laid out stylishly with products, over the road we found the prettiest florist, all in a tumble of green and orange. Best Pastries at Meyers BageriBeau Marche was the most beautiful cafe and interiors space, I fell in love with a light shade that was definitely not going to fit in our carry on, thank you Sam for the tip!Copenhagen graffitiGraffiti on the tops of buildings and another snap of Butik Flittig.Yuca Taco and Colour Run Copenhagen 2014A lucky wrong turn lead us to stumble upon the yummy fare at the Yuca Taco truck, and Sunday saw me run my first 5k in a cloud of Holi powder on the Copenhagen colour run. I have a couple of friends that have run one in the UK and also inspired by Will’s lovely pics, we randomly signed up! cupcake window shoppingWindow snooping is always fun, I love to see what people choose to keep on their sills, these peachy pink geraniums made me smile as did this mini parade of swirling cupcake ballerinas. minimalist bedroomFinally a pic from up in the clouds and the tranquil white bedroom which peeked out over the courtyard below our apartment for the week.

  • Kati
    June 18, 2014

    Your photos of Copenhagen are wonderful. You have such a good eye for beautiful scenes. I definitely love the cat shot the most.

  • Patchwork Harmony
    June 18, 2014

    looks gorgeous Jeska! I have to visit one day! x

  • Karen
    June 18, 2014


  • Dulcie
    June 18, 2014

    I went to Copenhagen in April and absolutely fell in love with the city. I would move there in a heartbeat!

  • found and sewn
    June 21, 2014

    I have always wanted to visit Copenhagen and now I’ve seen your photos I really want to go. Looks wonderful! Glad you had a great time x