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Vintage bedside tableWhile the rest of the house has been in varying degrees of chaos for well over two years, it has been a real luxury to always be able to retreat to our bedroom as a place of calm. The kitchen needs a couple of finishing touches and the bathroom is finished, but amongst the dust and rubble our bedroom has been an oasis.Botanical bedroom readsThe folks over at Hilary Devey got in touch a (long) while back to see if I’d like to review – unpaid, so no bias :) – and feature one of their Diamond luxury mattresses. Trying out our first ever grown up button sprung mattress has been a real treat!Hilary Devey Diamond MattressHilary Devey Diamond MattressFirstly I just have to say this is so soft and sumptuous to the touch, silky and cosy. Inside it just gets better with ethically sourced – luxurious fine-grade silk, snuggly soft and warming wool, cashmere, fresh and breathable cotton, and supportive pure latex, sustainably harvested from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. I like as many eco credentials as I can get and the mattress is made in the UK too so no air miles and supporting a UK workforce – this makes me triply happy.Vintage bedside tableOur other mattress was not as deep as this and the fitted sheets always wriggled free and popped off the corners, with this one they are snug all around and we get no rumpling! I also wanted to try something new as I often suffer from lower back pain – I haven’t noticed any miracle improvement, but it is no worse on this mattress and it is medium firm so no sagging or rolling together.Hilary Devey Diamond MattressThe mattress contains 2000 nested pocket springs in amongst the layers of fine natural fillings it features a Summer side (Cotton) and Winter side (Wool, Cashmere). Dean doesn’t get too hot sleeping on it which is great. No-one wants an overheated and clammy husband wriggling about next to them, do they?Mid Century Modern BedMid Century Modern BedI have always had Princess and the Pea syndrome, so even the slightest crumb (yes I eat my toast in bed some days) drives me mad. Dean watches on with a smirk as I rip the duvet off and smooth the sheet down every night before I get in. So it was no surprise that I found the beautifully hand tufted traditional design a little too uneven, but we have been using our natural wool topper (from the Wool Room) under our mattress protector for an extra layer of snug and coolness in all seasons. If you are used to or prefer this style of mattress though it obviously won’t be an issue.Plants in the bedroomWe have a double sized bed so due to the plumpness of the mattress – I feel extra close to the edge with Dean and Marlo (always) edging me out! In a bigger size, minus the pets – this would definitely not be a problem.Bedroom treasuresA candle, a stack of inspiring reads and a few of my favourite things close by and that is all I need to build a sanctuary indoors. A plump and cosy island for us and a cat or two to drift asleep on, away from all the crazy outside the bedroom door. When all our other rooms are in chaos we love watching movies on the bedroom wall with the projector. This also means we will now have a spare mattress for guests, come on over guys!Feminine wall artI spruced up the wall above the bedside table with a few extra pictures and a plant or two for some green happiness. Please ignore the nail holes in the wall. Our whole house is like this – the art changes from month to month and I never know what or where I will be hanging things next!Feminine wall artOverall I’d say this mattress is definitely a keeper, beautiful materials and very luxurious, especially if you are used to the button sprung type and are looking for an upgrade or replacement for an old mattress. With its dual season sides, you’ll always remember when it is time to turn the thing and the generous depth makes you feel positively regal!

This an unpaid product review collaboration, Hilary Devey generously gifted us the Diamond luxury mattress and I did the rest. All images and opinions my own, stay cosy! :) xxx

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