A.S Apothecary in Lewes East SussexFriday! It’s here and faster than usual it seems, although my whole life has been speeding by just lately in a haze of travel, photography and assembling all the things we need to finally get going again on our kitchen renovation. I am in no way complaining, life just now is more exciting than ever and something different is happening every day. But a few hours away from here for a much-anticipated visit to the beautiful A.S Apothecary Skincare shop and treatment room, was a magical way to spend a Friday morning. Come take a peek inside with me xA.S Apothecary in Lewes East SussexI don’t find it hard too hard to relax, I can ignore the washing up, the tiles that still need smashing off the bathroom walls and all the chaos here – most days. But with work, living, renovating and play all under one roof, it is easy to get caught up in things when a timeout is needed. So, I couldn’t accept fast enough when the very kind offer of a facial treatment from Amanda – owner of the beautiful A.S Apothecary and massage therapist Ellie arrived in my inbox. Spending a few hours in the beautiful town of Lewes and finally getting inside this amazing small batch distilled skincare store, left me feeling calm, rested and restored.A.S Apothecary in Lewes East SussexFrom the copper still and lighting to the scent of flowers and herbs in the air, this place is a calming oasis on the main road out of one of my favourite towns. Amanda has created a beautiful space with amazing products, artworks to covet (or buy and take home like I did) rustic live edge shelving (yes please for my new kitchen) a soothing and fresh atmosphere and copper accents for a hint of shimmering warmth out of the corner of your eye.A.S Apothecary in Lewes East SussexJust look at that still! I am imagining a magical genie living inside, casting spells over all the petals and leaves being steamed within, are you? The windows are decorated with seasonal blooms which will change over the months of the year.A.S Apothecary in Lewes East SussexA.S Apothecary in Lewes East SussexEverything is so tactile and beautifully displayed, and you can try it all. Amanda’s expertise with herbs, homeopathy, plant growing, gathering, distilling and product making have developed over many years and it really shows in her effective, gentle, bespoke skin preparations. I’d love to spend even more time in her company. To be honest, I was sold before I even got to the shop, I have been an avid online follower of Amanda on Instagram and her Journal for a while now. I was most upset that I couldn’t get over to Lewes for the store’s official opening earlier this year.A.S Apothecary in Lewes East SussexThis door below leads to the tranquil treatment room where I got settled and cosy, ready for Ellie to start my facial. A 60-minute Holistic treatment using a combination of A.S Apothecary cleansing and moisture restoring powders, oils and balms. All available in the store or online – yippee for me and you! My poor face has been rather neglected and I have not had any kind of facial for years so this was an extra special treat. I came out feeling amazing and will definitely be trying to have this done once a season to soothe and restore me. I also got the Mineral Powder and Cleansing oil to take home with me so I could give my face a little love at home too.A.S Apothecary in Lewes East SussexA.S Apothecary in Lewes East SussexBe sure to check out the stunning artworks by Julia White and specially made wood engraving prints by Keith Pettit on the walls if you visit, I am sure you’ll love them. I couldn’t leave without the Calendula print wrapped in paper and tucked under my arm.A.S Apothecary in Lewes East SussexA.S Apothecary in Lewes East SussexA.S Apothecary in Lewes East SussexI picked up a soap for the husband and some Lavender and Geranium aromatic waters for my mum and me too. I keep mine (Geranium) by my desktop computer for a refreshing spritz throughout the day. The description alone leaves me feeling revived – ‘A marriage of two distillations from leaves and flowers gathered in Cyprus in early April and in Sussex during late September. Both dried a little, one outside in the sun, the other inside out of the rain. The scent is gorgeous, floral, slightly peppery, warm and delicious.’ A.S Apothecary in Lewes East SussexA.S Apothecary in Lewes East SussexA.S Apothecary in Lewes East SussexDo you love it in here?! I enjoy so much seeing how different creative people bring to life their brand inside a bricks and mortar store and this really is a magical place. From the very scent as you walk in the door to the friendly folk inside and all that botanical wonder, so much joy under one roof – a true pleasure to visit. Make the pilgrimage, you won’t be disappointed. A.S Apothecary in Lewes East SussexA.S Apothecary in Lewes East SussexA.S Apothecary Mineral Powder CleanserA massive thank you to Amanda and Ellie and A.S Apothecary for making me feel welcome and introducing me to so much plant magic in just a couple of hours. I will be back as soon as I can get there, promise xA.S Apothecary Keith A Pettit wood engraving

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