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Newby TeasThis rustic wooden shelf that Dean and I knocked together one rainy Sunday has been the perfect thing for all kinds of storage. It has moved all around the house but we think it should be finally re-homed to either the new kitchen or bathroom when it’s finished. What do you think?Rustic kitchen shelfIt will either be used as a shelf to hold all my tea making shenanigans in the kitchen with teapots, strainers, jars of loose leaf and boxes of my latest obsession – Green Teas from Newby. They sent over a few boxes for me to try and I have been sharing them with friends and family but the vintage textile inspired boxes (above) are so pretty I hung on to them. My favourite is Jasmin Blossom for a refreshing and energising cup in the mornings. It smells as good as it tastes.Newby Jasmin Green TeaNewby Green TeasOr – in its next guise – bathroom storage, of which we have none at the moment. Everything is in bags hanging on doors and getting in the way. *A tour of the building site and inspiration for that coming up in my next post.* As it’s an issue close to our hearts, we have lots awesome organic and cruelty-free indie beauty brands in rotation here and if they aren’t directly in our line of sight – they do sometimes get overlooked. I probably need them as close to my face as they can get, so open shelving with visible products is probably a brilliant idea instead of a closed cupboard.Handmade reclaimed wood bathroom shelfOh no, I am actually liking both of these options – we may have to build a second shelf. I all honesty, my tea collection is a little out of hand, so it may need a bigger unit with an extra shelf or two or three? It is starting to look a bit like a reclamation yard down the side of our house, so we should have plenty of wood laying about, I will try and remember to make a how-to for you.Handmade reclaimed wood bathroom shelfI have never had a proper beauty regime, I have all the lotions and potions – but am haphazard in all my daily ways, much to Dean’s distress. They do get used, but never at the same time. I have been known to moisturise midday – am I making you mad right now? Ha!

I was thinking I might be able to establish some better habits if all my favourite things were right there in front of me on my favourite shelf – in the bathroom when I get up?Organic make up removerA few of my favourite things are – Stop the Water ( an amazing brand we discovered on our travels – who do good things for communities who need clean water, Lulu Organics (picked up in SF when we were there) – Bamboo Toothbrushesorganic make-up remover and Calendula Organic Soap. Do you have a strict daily beauty routine? One thing I do remember to do every day is to have a cup of tea first thing, beauty starts from within right?
Have a wonderful end to the weekend – start to the week ;) x

  • Alison Reeves
    July 4, 2017

    Difficult choice, but I’d use this one for all your beauty goodies and build a bigger one for the tea shenanigans as you said. I love the pot you have the toothbrushes in! Those teas look lovely and the labels are so pretty; must check them out xx

    • JeskaHearne
      July 4, 2017

      Hooray! I think I am leaning that way too, and I am super excited to make another. Have a lovely week Alison x :)

  • babybohemian
    July 10, 2017

    What is the stunning book you have open in these shots? Thank you!