This morning I am loving sitting indoors sheltering from the pouring rain, (well it is June after all?) reading the colourful new issue of Adore Home Magazine online. I gave up owning an umbrella last Summer when mine, yet again got turned inside out. The rain nearly always comes with a side of gale force wind here, so it’s best just to embrace it sans umbrella or hide indoors looking at beautiful things.

Al images Adore Home Magazine.

  • Melissa@Julia's Bookbag
    June 8, 2011

    Hello from across the world! I just ‘discovered’ your blog and I feel like I have found a great and wonderful treat! I love your decor aesthetic and your blog is simply lovely. I saw it and instantly added you to my blog roll :)

    Come visit me sometime over at — I write about Children’s Books and we’re a lot of fun :) take care and Aloha, Melissa

  • Carolynn Cecilia
    June 8, 2011

    That chalkboard wall is killer!! It puts mine to shame and I think it’s time to expand. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • BODIE and FOU
    June 10, 2011

    I love these images, especially the top left, very cool and creative

    Have a great weekend

  • rebekka
    June 15, 2011

    I hadn’t heard of Adore magazine but now I have and I’m in LOVE!!! THANKS!!! Those colors against the white are so perfect. And your blog, as usual, is incredibly lovely!