Chai tea by jingHow’s your weekend started? Did you wake up to snow like us? Of course, it all melted away in minutes but it was magical for a while there. I have been in an unusually early Christmas mood, after shooting some images for an exciting collaboration over the last couple of days. To calm back down to a normal November tempo, this morning was spent slowing down and enjoying some Chai spiced tea.  Chai tea by jingI love the amber colour and warming flavour, I usually blend my own but don’t always have time, so I thought I’d give this version by Jing a try.  I have actually had it sitting on the counter for weeks! After grabbing this golden raisin-studded pastry in the farm shop this morning, I had a light bulb moment and remembered the packet of chai spiced tea sitting there. A celebration of all things amber and warming ensued.Chai tea by jingA calmness settled as I fully committed to this weekend ritual and forgot everything for a few moments, honey and star anise make for a wonderful combo and the Ceylon woke me up from my festive daze. You can find links to some of my favourite recipes using Chai spices here. I have been obsessed with it for quite some time! Chai tea by jingDo you have any weekend rituals? xChai tea by jing

  • Kimberly Duran
    November 22, 2015

    Oh I love chai tea! And I love that little glass tea infuser as well! I might have to add that to my Christmas wishlist. Also, after reading your post, I had to go and make myself some camomile and spiced apple tea – I know it’s not the same but it made me crave nice tea ;) x

    • JeskaHearne
      December 6, 2015

      Ooh do, it has become my daily morning pal x

  • Heather Young
    December 4, 2015

    Oh this just looks like the perfect start to a day. I love chai tea and I love a raisin pastry even more! Yum.

    • JeskaHearne
      December 6, 2015

      Thanks Heather x everyone needs a sweet and spicy little pick me up, every now and then! :)