Koko coffee and design AmsterdamPicking up from last week, I am falling in love with the Netherlands all over again as I put together this second part of my secret Amsterdam city guide. Above is a sweet and simple table setting at Koko Coffee and Design, there were clothing and ceramics for sale in the shared boutique and coffee space, and the gluten free lemon meringue pie did not last long enough to get it’s picture taken!Floral decor -Window boxes in Amsterdam  This window box was a total smile maker, we seemed to pass it at least once a day, the neon coral colour of the geraniums was incredible. Is it weird that a holiday highlight could be a well kept window box?! Below is the awesome Six and Sons, a concept store selling furniture, clothing, lifestyle products and a super cool selection of magazines, with that tiger swinging from the sign we had to go in!Six and Sons Amsterdam Cats of Amsterdam Another window snoozing cat, and more of my collected business cards. I will be filing all these in my new Moleskine Amsterdam city guide, ready for our next visit, and then keeping it in a safe place with my NYC and Paris ones. Bottom left was a beer mat from Cafe De Pels, a bar with a great window seat for people watching, tasty snacks and the best hot chocolate I had while in the city. A word of warning in a lot of places heated up Nesquik is considered hot chocolate eww!Boutiques and coffee shops in AmsterdamRaw Materials was the most awe inspiring space, a huge shop on multiple levels selling vintage, ethnic and hand crafted furniture and home wares from far flung places. I would like to ship the entire contents of this stunning room below straight into our living room! They had amazing jewel coloured cupboards and chairs, rusted accessories and all manner of curiosities, a definite place to visit if you can get there.Raw Materials in Amsterdam Places to go in AmsterdamHere we have Dr Blend and small cafe that will set you up with a superfood lunch and vitamin packed smoothie, to keep you going while you explore the city. Bag makers Property Of  have a great shop space with a beautiful bar which doubles as a counter and antique tiles and mirrors dotted around the interior for a homely and cozy atmosphere. Hutspot Boutique and cafe AmsterdamCats of AmsterdamThis little moggy lives in a bakery, and each night after the bakery was closed, we saw her wandering around in the window display and stalking the perimeter to catch any mice that might sneak in for a crumb or two.Hutspot Boutique and cafe AmsterdamThis picture is of the interior of Hutspot, another huge gallery style space with a mini department store style boutique, complete with a barber shop on the ground floor. On the first floor we discovered a spacious cafe with huge refectory tables for communal dining/working and snugs up on platforms and in corners for relaxing. I really liked the unique style of each place to sit, from a window seat perch to old couches mixed with retro chairs and coffee tables, for lounging to more private booths for chatting. Pretty flower arrangements were dotted around and I had to snap this giant black and white print of models that was displayed up on the stair wall.Best chocolate shop in the world?Finally my completely favourite shop, Chocolatl – closed when we discovered it on a late night walk, low lights displayed single-origin chocolate bars all beautifully wrapped in the windows. When I returned the next day, the rich scent from the best collection of artisanal chocolate I have ever seen in one place called me in and the guy that owned the shop was amazing, so passionate about the products and all the producers and places they came from, I left with a half year supply and a bottle of Cocoa Liqueur that will add a little kick to this seasons hot milk and cocoa.

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  • Candy Pop
    September 5, 2014

    Wonderful, I haven’t been to Amsterdam in 20 years, I think I’m due a visit!