Keecie hand printed leather goodsEvery time you open up a Keecie bag a little bit of hidden happiness peeps out at you, because their bright and fun leather goods have delightful hand screen printed scenes decorating the insides. A beautiful blue purse with a mountain range inside caught my eye and then, I had to take a peek inside all their other lovely bags and folios to see what printed treasure was concealed inside.

Designed by Klaartje de Hartog & Caroline Borger, these pretty printed leather accessories each have a unique and playful design on the inside. They are made from super soft Dutch and Italian leather, that is especially dyed in beautiful vibrant custom colours chosen by Klaartje and Caroline, and they are bound to make you smile!

From hot pink, to pastels or natural leather tones, they hand print the leather then pass it over to their trusted sewing artisans in their leather sewing workshop to be made into the finished pieces. Shipping worldwide from the Netherlands means you too could hide a mountain range or tree full of fluttering birds in your bag! I had a hard time sticking to six things as all the prints and bags are lovely. So, below are a few more styles and colourways. x Keecie hand printed leather goodsRed leather shopperKeecie hand printed leather goods


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