Strawberry BreakfastMy coral sunset peonies are on their last wave of colour, a delicate pale gold, but there are still a couple of days until the petals completely drop. I have so enjoyed their beauty each day, my friends couldn’t believe they were real. Tissue Paper GarlandSimple and quickly made garlands from my Friday night gathering, before we moved here I chopped up what felt like a million sheets of different coloured tissue paper and stuffed them all in a jar, so when I dug them out of a box last week I stitched them together to make this colourful garland, my sewing machine wasn’t too happy about it, but the girls loved them.  Tabby CatSleepy puss, our little Marlo tiger catching some zzz’s after a busy evening hiding under the dinner table and making friends with my guests. Coral Sunset Peonies

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  • Candy Pop
    July 9, 2013

    Pretty images, I love the garland!