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Made of wood photo by Debi TreloarOn this cold and windy autumn morning, today’s happy place is amongst the pages of Made of Wood by Mark and Sally Bailey with stunning photography as always by Debi Treloar. A book that celebrates the enduring beauty of wood in all its forms in homes all over the world through the ages. A rustic collection of places with heart and soul, even the book itself has a tactile textured cover that feels lovely to hold. Here are a few of my favourite pages.Made of wood photo by Debi TreloarCovering all aspects from sculptural, natural, textural, painted and recycled (my favourite kind) this book is an exploration of one of the most amazing building and decorating materials and has something for everyone, even die-hard minimalists.Made of wood photo by Debi TreloarSo many wooden details and ideas with twelve beautiful homes from cabins to modern spaces to get lost in. I think wood has such a calming and soothing effect, it calls to my nostalgic sensibilities and makes me feel closer to the outside world, a way of bringing some strength and warmth from trees into your world and keeping some of the wild outdoors inside.Made of wood photo by Debi TreloarMade of Wood by Mark and Sally Bailey, published by Ryland Peters & Small (£19.99) Photography by Debi Treloar © Ryland Peters & Small.Made of wood photo by Debi Treloar

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