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Spiked hot chocolate recipeLast year flew by so fast that I want to slow this one down. There has been lots of chatter about spring online, but we’ve a way to go before it arrives. So, I am settling in for the deep dark depths of winter and making the most of what this season has to offer. Did you have any snow yet?Spiced hot chocolate recipeI have felt a sense of hibernation stronger this year than ever before. Feeling ready for bed at dusk – yep 4 pm!  I am sure by March I will be ready for the brighter days too. But, all this darkness just means making your own light, getting out in the fresh air when you can, creating warming situations for body and soul and for me – lashings of hot chocolate. Spiced, spiked, hot or iced – I like it all.Spiked hot chocolate recipeI am still finding new ways to use up those long forgotten liqueurs in the drinks cupboard, now the Cointreau has all gone. The Amaretto was shimmering in the back of the cupboard this morning and I knew it would go perfectly with cinnamon and chocolate for an evening treat. No strict new years resolutions here and don’t worry, I am not now being sponsored by the booze industry (or an alcoholic just yet)! ;)Spiked hot chocolate recipe Edible gold starsI know it’s not possible to add gold stars to all my meals but they do make this extra special!String of beans plant Edible gold stars Spiked hot chocolate recipeSpiked hot chocolate recipeTo make your own, find a great Drinking Chocolate – try this for a no dairy option. Vegan Marshmallows, Amaretto, almond milk, pinches of pink salt, cinnamon and edible gold stars. I unboxed my favourite glasses from LSA for the occasion, I love these beauties, they have been on my bar wish list for ages!Spiced hot chocolate recipe Spiked hot chocolate recipeTo make enough for two – just heat up your milk (enough to fill the glasses or cups you are using). When the milk is up to temperature, whisk in the recommended amount of your chosen chocolate per person. Add a pinch of salt and some cinnamon. Next measure out and pop in your chosen tipple – I love a splash of Amaretto, but you could use brandy, whisky or Kahlua. Froth your mix. I use my trusty Whisk-o-Lait to make sure everything is blended perfectly and fluffy on top. Then top with toasted marshmallows, a few gold stars, switch on the fairy lights and enjoy!Vegan Marshmallows Spiked hot chocolate recipe Vegan MarshmallowsHere’s to 2017 – I hope yours is full of plenty of sparkle and spice! xEdible gold stars

  • Miranda | Miranda's Notebook
    January 12, 2017

    Oh goodness, this drink looks so beautiful as well as delicious, and I *love* those glasses! You’ve inspired me to try an indulgent hot chocolate :) xxx

    • JeskaHearne
      January 12, 2017

      Hooray! Thanks Miranda – happy winter :)

  • Almudena Gajate
    January 24, 2017

    Upss I d forgotten to indulge myself to some hot chocolate this winter, thanks! I cannot wait to come back home!

  • Alison Reeves
    January 29, 2017

    Are you vegan, Jeska? I don’t mean to be nosey; I’ve just never noticed before. It’s always good to have a vegan option, though; one of my best friends has recently become vegan so I’m looking through my cookbooks for cakes to make when she next visits. I may have to have a few practice runs first! I love the Otis glasses so much. I, too, have been coveting them for ages. I’ve just been given four months notice to leave my flat (wail!) as the owners want to move back in, so I may leave buying them until I get to my new home. Less chance of my dad breaking them – he snapped my Alessi lemon squeezer by slamming the car boot on it! – and it will be a lovely housewarming gift to myself xx