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potted summer geraniumsHey! I have finally finished filling up our Wooden Victorian Growhouse from Waltons – (before and progress photos here.) We have had a few beautiful afternoons free to finish the painting and then re-home everything. I have been on seedling watch for days whilst re-potting other plants and adding a few bright geraniums to our outdoor space, ready for summer. I hope you’ll like this little peek around the first building in our soon to be – kitchen garden.Vintage garden stylingIt has been so lovely and hot that we added a little scrap of wood to prop open the roof, letting some of the heat out. Our sweet peas are now getting ready to move outdoors into a mini flower and veg patch that will be planted in another old tin bath, as we won’t get the full veg garden up and running until later in the year.Vintage victorian growhouseSouth facing this place is a mini sun trap, it is a nice spot to sit facing out over the garden.Vintage victorian growhouse Vintage garden stylingWe used all those pretty patterned tiles as the floor to try and keep the ants out and have moved some of our cacti out from the office to live in here – in the hopes they might flower!Vintage garden stylingA trug for all my tools and collecting straggling grass and vines when I am weeding.potted summer geraniumsWe added extra shelves along the back and under the window on the left-hand side. this offers a little shade and a place to hide all our soil and pots out of the way.Vintage garden stylingI bought this vintage tea tin a few years ago and it had been used for storing nails and was covered in horrible sticky tape labels – so I soaked off the tape, poked some drainage holes in the bottom and planted a white geranium inside. I love the pattern details and colours and had to find a way to use it in here.potted summer geraniumsVintage victorian growhouseWe also moved a couple of the money plants out here to soak up some more light and sun.Vintage victorian growhouseAlready fulfilling its potential as the starting place for us to be able to grown food and flowers. It actually houses quite a number of pots, plants and seedlings. This week we have crammed it full of chickpeas (beautiful plants), ginger and garlic bulbs. Once the sweet peas move out we can fit some more babies inside.Vintage garden books Vintage victorian growhouseIt easy to get excited and cram every inch of every ledge with something, making it super busy inside, so I doubt it will look so organised for long. I will share again once it is crammed and overflowing with new life.Vintage victorian growhouseWe are hoping to build a wooden frame around our decked and concrete patio area (behind the grow house and all along the back of the house) and hang festoons all along. The starter post will be placed just here on the right side of the grow house – slightly taller above and then across the top forming an archway to the garden from the paved area. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. But with the weather continuing as beautifully as it has been lately – we might get there before August/September?potted summer geraniumsWe hung an old crate on the back wall to make room for more plant displays. I hung a picture and some gathered garden blooms in junk shop vases to add a homely lived in feel. Indoors outdoors it’s all home to me.potted summer geraniumsPale salmon geraniums are my favourite this May. So much peachy coral goodness!Vintage greenhouse styleOur little watering can has aged nicely from bright rose gold copper to the perfect toned down patina.Vintage greenhouse styleI discovered a huge patch of forget-me-nots growing at the bottom of our garden with a gang of pretty comfrey bells, quietly adding happiness to our bonfire pile.Vintage greenhouse style Vintage greenhouse styleThe back of the grow house currently looks like this, our patio is higher than the garden so it sits down lower behind the wall. A collection of pots are balanced along a wooden plank and brick shelf and we found this old wire frame in a skip we passed a few years back – after tripping over it in the garage last week, I decided it would make the perfect thing to grow our climbing nasturtiums up. Just waiting for the little monsters to start rambling now!Climbing nasturtiumsI am so pleased with this little growhouse, we have been after one for ages and weren’t ready to install a full sized one – so huge thanks again to Waltons for letting me make over their prototype for the beginnings of our new kitchen garden. Not sponsored but this is a gifted product xVintage greenhouse style

  • Patchwork Harmony
    May 16, 2018

    Love this so much Jeska – I can’t stop looking at it! :) You’ve done a fab job. x

  • Lindsay Davison
    May 23, 2018

    It looks great – feeling inspired tot try one of our own now! Thank you! x
    lindsay http://www.lindsaydavison.co.uk

    • JeskaHearne
      May 23, 2018

      Yess!!! Growing seedlings is so much fun :)