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When away days – turn into months? I am back, to share what’s been happening around here (soon) but first – this beautiful, restful and inspiring book ‘Still – The Slow Home‘ by Natalie Walton. It shares a collection of atmospheric homes from all over the globe and has been my favourite place to travel via Chris Warnes’ stunning photography over the past few weeks.Spending every day at home since the second of March, we have kept ourselves busy with the garden amongst the day to day running of the store, whilst trying to find mental space to process all that is happening, then trying to relax in the evenings. And some days it has been actually possible! The interiors in Natalie’s book are so calming and soothing, a perfect way to feel gently inspired while the world is in chaos.The mix of natural materials, light and shadow play, rustic walls and found and repurposed objects are an interior lovers delight, homes with stories and hand-built nooks.Sunny scenes and family life, quiet home life and all the happy feelings that a building a home, slowly in your own style over a few years, can create.Some are scant, some organised, some full of gathered treasures, some designed with only a few colours, some bursting with personality and some perfect for relaxing.The most magical scenes in this book for me are the ones where the light has been captured within the rooms, sunlight bouncing in or stretching out the day ahead at home. A gorgeous book, that I keep picking up! Still by Natalie Walton with location photography by Chris Warnes published by Hardie Grant.

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