We decided ages ago that a weekend in Cornwall was in order before summer really gets going. Car disasters and renovating delays have meant we are behind with lots here at home and work, but with a new (to us) car now on the driveway, we thought a long weekend away with friends might be just the tonic. We spent three days exploring St Ives and Mousehole and then cosied up in an old tin miners cottage just two miles away in the evenings. I hope you are sitting comfortably because I went on a bit of a photo spree!St Ives secret alley ways Parking and driving in St Ives are quite frankly insane. We found a car park just on the outskirts of the town with amazing views and a short walk down some steep hills, steps and winding alleyways. A magical route that gets the heart and lungs pumping on the return walk.St IvesSt Ives We grabbed a snack from the local health food store and were joined by a seagull for our lunch on a seafront bench, enjoying views over the bustling harbour.St Ives secret alley ways Barbara Hepworth sculpture gardenBarbara Hepworth sculpture gardenFirst port of call was the Tate, then we walked up to the Barbara Hepworth sculpture garden. The studio and garden rooms are so amazing. All white walls with sculptures and details everywhere, plus plants wandering along the floors and cascading down the walls.Barbara Hepworth sculpture gardenBarbara Hepworth Sculpture StudioJust as well there was glass between visitors and exhibit – I wanted to touch everything!Barbara Hepworth sculpture gardenBarbara Hepworth Sculpture StudioBarbara Hepworth sculpture gardenSleeping in the garden, tucked away under a bamboo grove – a smokey cat.Barbara Hepworth sculpture gardenBarbara Hepworth sculpture gardenBarbara Hepworth Sculpture StudioBarbara Hepworth Sculpture StudioBarbara Hepworth Sculpture StudioLean-to heaven! Old terracotta, straggly succulents and bright blooms.Barbara Hepworth sculpture gardenLeach Pottery St Ives Saturday morning was spent in raptures at the Leach Pottery, we had the museum all to ourselves, feeling spirits in the shadows and falling in love with the whole amazing space. This is pretty much THE creative dream home.Leach Pottery St Ives Leach Pottery St Ives Leach Pottery St Ives Leach Pottery St Ives Everything about this place is just absolute magic. From the ancient clay handprints everywhere in the museum to the examples of ceramics and clay types in the Cube Gallery. The blend of British and Japanese sensibilities in the work displayed and additions made to the old property made my eyes very happy. Can you tell I loved it? If you haven’t been – GET THERE. Leach Pottery St Ives After a little spree in the Leach ceramics shop, we made our way down the cliffs at Pendeen Lighthouse.Pendeen LighthouseA blustery frolic on the cliff tops left us soaked through so we made our way back to The Gurnards Head for lunch. The food here is marvellous and a separate plant-based menu was a most welcomed surprise. After a long slow lunch, we drove back to our cottage for a late afternoon fire, some reading and a simple dinner of tomato and basil bruschetta with wine. Pendeen LighthouseCape CornwallSunday we woke early and headed our separate ways one twosome north and this duo along the coast to Land’s End and then on to Mousehole. First stop, Cape Cornwall. It was a steep breezy climb to the tower in this beautiful National Trust location, but we were rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views.Cape CornwallThe wind rattled through our ears and tugged at our hair as we climbed up and the wild sea crashed and frothed against the rocks as the tide was going out on our way down.Cape CornwallSennen Cove Further round the coast we parked at Sennen Cove and made the cliff top walk along to Land’s end. When you get to the first and last cafe – it’s just a few more meters to the famous signpost to mark your visit.Lands EndAll puffed out and ready for some lunch, we hopped back in the car and headed along to Mousehole. You need a vehicle the size of a mouse to drive through this pretty seaside town. I think I felt my hair turning grey as we tried to navigate through the town to a car park out on the edge of town. Some of the two-way roads are barely wide enough for one car, add sunshine and pedestrians into the mix and well, you get the idea. Head for the Rockpool Cafe if you visit – the car park there is roomy!MouseholeWell worth the mind melting drive, this is such a beautiful town. Hidden paths and alleyways, nooks and gardens overflowing with sun-loving foliage.MouseholeViews from the top of the town are worth the climb.MouseholeRoses are blooming everywhere just now and signs of doorstep crafting and a relaxed coastal lifestyle made us smile. We met a few furry friends on our walk around the outskirts including this lovely one below, who was hiding in a shady twitten.MouseholeMouseholeMouseholeI fell in love a bit. Okay – a LOT. MouseholeWe spotted so many pretty seaside homes and gardens. Strolled along the quay and grabbed a delicious loaf of bread and accompaniments in Hole Foods Deli & Cafe for our long drive home. Back in our own coastal haven, I am about to unwrap my new ceramics, which I’ll share here soon. Wishing you a happy Tuesday xMouseholeMousehole

  • lizzie smith
    June 16, 2017

    just LOVE Cornwall! We were in Mousehole this time last year and stayed at The Old Coastguard which is sister pub to The Gurnards Head I think. Been a special place for us since our son was small and fell in love with The Mousehole Cat story–have you read it? Think a Christmas visit might be in order!

    • JeskaHearne
      June 16, 2017

      Oh no I haven’t heard of that! Thanks for the tip. Yes same owners – such good food and LOVELY staff too. It will be so pretty over the festive season! :)

  • dana
    June 28, 2017

    I am leaving in a week to sail to to the UK from New York. I have been following your blog for about a year. I can’t wait to finally see some of these amazing places that you have written about. I may be able to stop drooling. ( at least for the sail over) thank you for your lovely words and best photographic eye!!!

    • JeskaHearne
      June 30, 2017

      Thanks Dana, exciting times indeed – where are you headed first?! x

  • Maren Ingeborg Gråblomst
    June 29, 2017

    Oh my!! I want to move here!! Gosh, really stunning photos, you make me dream!