Fairlight viewsHello, how have you been?! Sorry for the silence, I have been away working all last week in a pop up store and bar for London Cocktail week. Now exhausted and sick with a horrible cold I spent yesterday in bed with my kitties and many cups of honey and lemon. Today I am semi upright but trying to still take it easy, so a catch up with all of you and blog-land is top of my list. I have so many projects on the go but need a day to properly relax before I launch in to a hallway makeover and some other exciting things. Being in the city although exciting is chaotic and reminds me of how much I love the calming surroundings of where we now live. I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago when the sun was still high and Summer had only just started to give way to Autumn.Fairlight viewsLiving only a two minute walk from such an amazing country park really is magical, a dark tunnel through the woods with rustling corn fields heard but not seen beyond, gives way to a grass and wild flower covered meadow that has paths carved through it for every kind of dog you can think of and their owners.Fairlight viewsThen the walkways lead on to gorse covered cliff tops with the glistening sea below. The gentle ripples barely audible on a calm day, turquoise paling into sea mist or the cusp of the French coastline if the sky is clear.Fairlight viewsThe grass paths lead on and narrow to uneven rocky ground, lined with trees that have their first flush of Autumn berries and then out through a wooden gate, softened by many walkers hands, to shingle paths and tall stems of wild sweet peas dancing in the salty breeze.Fairlight viewsFairlight views

  • lynn
    October 15, 2013

    So sorry for you xx nothing worse or more boring to the soul than feeling poorly, I hope you have some soft and gentle Autumn days to sooth away the sneezes.
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  • found and sewn
    October 15, 2013

    I hope you are feeling better! It looks beautiful where you live, what a lovely walk to the sea. Take it easy. xx

  • Lynne, Papermash
    October 15, 2013

    Beautiful, hope you’re feeling better soon Jeska. Sometimes it’s nice to have a cosy day in bed too.