Hello, just thought I’d swing by and share some of my Instagram pics of that last few days. Finally it came after nearly resorting to wearing gloves again last week-The Sun. So dearly missed I wondered if my days would ever be naturally bright again. So I am filling my days with walks, friends, flowers and food.

A visit to Hastings old town to see Rose, catch up and snap some pics of the beautiful Butlers. Then an early morning at the park in Tunbridge wells, sky as blue as can be, blossoms long gone and Lilacs missed from working most days, but time for Rhododendrons of all colours to burst into bloom. My favourite colour combo this week was the coral flowers I saw against a background of baby blue sky above. The things I am loving this week are my new Nutscene string in bright pink for tying parcels, flamingo matches and sunshine on my rice cakes as I finally got to put my feet up at home and watch some movies in the early evening.

How have you liked having the sunshine back in your life?

  • Melissa@Julia's Bookbag
    May 25, 2012

    I have LOVED having sunshine back in my life! (after it rained buckets for days and days last week)

    And it brings me such happiness to see some new beautiful photos from you :)

  • Jessica
    May 25, 2012

    Your instagrams always brighten my day! so pretty and cheerful!