Crafting round upWet windy and worse than ever, there is a moat around our house, but we haven’t slid into the sea yet and the roof is still attached. As you can imagine – with all this grey, gloom and giant puddles I’ve not much felt like leaving the cabin, instead I have been seeking out more fun things for us to make and do.

1. Make Rose Nut clusters for a grown up sweet treat, recipe by Marnie Engelander for Est Magazine Issue 10.

2. Paper cup gift boxes – Papermash.

3. Decorate with seasonal blooms and stems – my absolute favourite Spring buds are beautiful Pussy willows – smaller species of the Genus Salix, image found here.

4. Another fun use for all those floral fabric scraps of mine that are too small to use for much else – these sweet DIY Votives by Fellow Fellow.

5. Gold paint and glitter dipped feathers, just because I love sparkle and gold – image found here. Hang them up as a mobile, make an over the top dream catcher or pop them on presents like the lovely Emily Quinton!

All images from the links above x

  • found and sewn
    February 12, 2014

    I might have to give those nut clusters a try. This weather makes me want to bake and eat chocolate!

    • Jeska
      February 12, 2014

      Don’t they look lovely Victoria, almost too pretty to eat, but only almost?!

  • Emily
    February 12, 2014

    Ah, you are too sweet! xx

    And you’ve reminded me about those clever paper cup gift boxes….just in time for valentine’s and/or my workshop this weekend.

    I hope you’re staying warm, cosy and most importantly safe in this horrible weather xx

    • Jeska
      February 18, 2014

      Yep all snuggled thanks Emily, was in a hotel in Brighton with friends over the weekend and the gales were insane, we couldn’t get across the road at one point as the wind was so strong. House is still standing tho!