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Tactile textile panels that work with the light – I found my way to Thompson Street Studio via the lovely Erin of Reading My Tea Leaves on Instagram stories. I was so happy to discover these stunning piece work window panels and gorgeous textiles. Thompson Street Studio was founded in 2014 by Kiva Motnyk, this is the place where she creates experimental textiles made from dyed, layered and quilted fabrics and other items designed with integrity for long-lasting relationships between owner and object.
Kiva founded Thompson street studio as an outlet for her love of textiles and a dedication to making objects created with hand-made authenticity. If that doesn’t sound exciting enough – she also splits her time between her city studio in Soho, NYC and her home in the Catskill Mountains – we have visited NYC many times but the Catskills is somewhere I would love to visit.The Thompson Street design practice hopes to inspire a holistic approach to our interaction with objects in our everyday life, in turn empowering a more creative and collaborative life. She makes with the intention of exploring the ‘connections between art, industry and nature; finding joy in the serendipitous, looping process of discovery, conception and making’. This is the most excited I have been about a new maker discovery in ages – everything is so warmly coloured and inspiring, the ceramics have a tactile organic feel to them and the colour palette is exactly what I am channelling – creams and peaches with wood, pottery, linen, cotton, lace and brass. All images via the Thompson Street Studio Website.

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