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Summer knitting retreatIt has taken me too long to share these images from the wonderful retreat we went on with Natasha in Rye. Dean and I were there helping out and taking photos with everyone, throwing in a few photography and styling tips. But mostly we were learning how to knit (I failed and he just got the hang of it), and dying skeins of yarn with a rainbow of assorted colours.Dying wool with food colouring!Our inspiring weekend was filled with delicious home cooked food prepared by Natasha and Patricia, there were sunshine breaks in the garden, an afternoon lesson with Janice to teach us some Fairisle knitting techniques and my new maker crush – Kristina shared her amazing yarn dying skills with us all.Dying wool with food colouring!This was SO much fun, I can’t even begin to tell you, and I could have easily mixed up new batches of colour combinations all day! For the confetti coloured wool dying, we used Kristina’s amazing array of food colour gels mixed with water to get various shades of colour. After dripping all the different dye colours all over the yarn I decided on a pink dye bath to finish – bringing all my shades of pink together.  Knitting and crochet retreatWhile everybody took turns with the dyes, folk waiting their turn or who had already finished – were relaxing in chairs and knitting or crocheting beautiful things. I am in complete awe of all the yarn magic that was going on. The speed and ease at which they all work with their chosen craft is incredible. The pretty throw above crocheted by Marisa was a perfect pastel delight!Dying wool with food colouring!Dying wool with food colouring!Dean (the tallest) was set to the task of hanging out the wool to dry in a lovely old cherry tree. The garden was so tranquil and the view over the whole of Rye and the surrounding countryside was so breathtaking – we dubbed the location Ryami! Of course I neglected to capture this – but I was all about the dying process, sorry! Not sorry. Dying wool with food colouring!Above is our rainbow of happiness. and below is my favourite of my two dye batches (below), I went for blush pink – I know so predictable. But I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! It just so happened to match the gloriously scented Moroccan Rose bath salts N gave everyone from our shop – maybe I was subliminally influenced?!  Knitting and crochet retreatDying wool with food colouring!Below – a gorgeous top (that suited everyone who tried it on) by Annie and a wonderful shawl of twinkling blues in progress by Kate on the right. Also throwing dye and whipping wool around with gusto were the lovely Marie and Naomi.Knitting and crochet retreatLastly, all those gorgeous hand dyed yarns together. What a great few days, so many lovely people and making. How do you feel about doing some dying with food colouring, it is so much fun?! Ps. Did you see we are heading to Romania in October to discover weaving and knitting skills on the next retreat? I hope you have a fun weekend planned. I will be taking photos of the shed that is finished at last! Ooh and don’t forget your sun cream! xDying wool with food colouring!

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