So thrilled was I, at searching for art works and putting together the July edition of my tiniest art show that I thought I’d get to it promptly for August so here we go . . . . . . 1 and 13 original watercolour and abstract drawings on paper by Francesca Lancisi, 2 and 3 inspired by nature and patterns at United Thread, 4 and 14  shapes inspired from the natural world combined with colour derived from the urban environment by Annamaria Potamiti, 5 and 12 by freelance illustrator Elizabeth Graeber, 6 and 8 Archival prints and original hand-pulled etchings by Treasure Frey, 9 and 10 by Cordoba based Paola at her shop Holli and 11 and 7 Original art, illustration & Monsters by Emma Kidd at Benconservato.

I Hope this post inspires you to add something to your own Etsy art gallery. x

All images from artists Etsy shops linked above.

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  • Francesca Lancisi
    August 6, 2011

    Thank you so much for featuring my watercolours!
    I love your Art Show and I’m honored to be part of it!
    I wish you all the best,
    Francesca Lancisi : )