Swedish Coastal Drive - Simrishamn South East Still with me? In part III of my Swedish travel guide, we are heading up the South East coast, through country lanes, quaint villages and past rows and rows of apple orchards. A relaxing two days of gardens, tranquil surroundings and dream house spotting.Swedish Coastal Drive - Simrishamn South East We stopped at the coast for a car picnic and a wander down through the houses and grasslands on the Tjörnedalavägen road in the town of Baskemölla. With the sun high in the sky, we watched seabirds gathering on the rocks and followed butterflies through the heather.Swedish Coastal Drive - Simrishamn South East I got serious ‘lean to’ envy when we passed the house below. Sweden really do know how to do good windows, don’t they!Swedish Coastal Drive - Simrishamn South East Den Engelska Trädgården little further and we found ourselves transported back to the English countryside at – Den Engelska Trädgården. Created by garden designers Maria Nilsson and Anette Cato in 2014, this magical oasis in Österlen is inspired by their numerous trips to their favourite eccentric English gardens and plant shows.Den Engelska Trädgården Den Engelska TrädgårdenThe meadow and vegetable garden above were filled with brassicas, fennel and other herbs.Den Engelska TrädgårdenWe lingered, listening to the songs of crickets (can you spot him above?) and watching swallows swooping low over the corn fields beyond.Den Engelska Trädgården Den Engelska TrädgårdenThere are old wooden benches dotted around to enjoy the views, a pond, woodland, meadow, vegetable patch, a greenhouse and a ‘shade house’ – something we had never heard of and now feel the need to build right away.Den Engelska TrädgårdenWe were surrounded by insects and birds all humming and tweeting together in a floral paradise.Den Engelska TrädgårdenThe colours here are just incredible, the fruit trees with heavy boughs were swaying low towards late summer and we left with our cameras full of pictures, and heads full of ideas.Den Engelska TrädgårdenSodra Mellby SwedenOnwards down winding roads, we fell in love with this traditional painted white and pale green house. With its red windows and door, pompoms of pink hydrangeas and yet more holly-hocks – it was one of my favourite sights from the whole trip.Sodra Mellby SwedenSodra Mellby SwedenAfter all the joy of the red door house we turned a few more corners to find ourselves at our B&B for the night – or what Dean and I both now refer to as our spiritual home.  Mellby KlockaregårdThis place is just pure magic. Mellby Klockaregård is like all my house and garden dreams come true. B&B, garden, restaurant and boutique all in one. Surrounded by tall trees and tumbling vines, the garden is all kinds of wonderful, with sunbeams dazzling through the branches and anemones and roses growing up towards the light.Mellby KlockaregårdMellby KlockaregårdRestored and rebuilt over many years, the owners and our hosts Kerstin, Joi and their family have created something quite, quite wonderful.Mellby KlockaregårdThe dining room is in a huge greenhouse filled with an eclectic mix of rustic wood, metalwork and cane furniture, faded Liberty print cushions, plants and our newest tabby cat friend, Pim.Mellby KlockaregårdMellby KlockaregårdHuge old factory windows let the breeze blow through on hot days and keep the rain out on wilder ones.Mellby KlockaregårdWe had a home grown dinner of garden vegetables including apple cucumber – yes please (seeds have been ordered for next summer), with flat breads, olives and homemade dip. Dessert was freshly picked berries with home made cake and our soundtrack for the evening was the low chatter of the other dinner guests and the soft sound of rain on the glass roof above.Mellby KlockaregårdMellby KlockaregårdThere are lots of covered seating areas for guests, family and staff to retreat to, hidden paths throughout the grounds and wildlife to be watched amongst the summer foliage.Mellby KlockaregårdMellby KlockaregårdMellby KlockaregårdPeeking out from the trees and shrubs, the greenhouse was hand built from salvaged and saved materials and is like a blue print for what we hope to create from all the old windows we have been hoarding up in our garage. Chipped white paint and vibrant green leaves surround a table for evening dinner guests.Mellby KlockaregårdMellby KlockaregårdCollected gardening supplies, pots, seeds, tools and seedlings.Mellby KlockaregårdMellby KlockaregårdAbove is another of the secluded spots for relaxing – in faded blues and ticking stripes.Mellby KlockaregårdHaving heart palpitations yet? I am – I feel a very strong need to get back here as soon as humanly possible.Mellby KlockaregårdMellby KlockaregårdMellby KlockaregårdClimbing the stairs to our room for the night, we were greeted with this bright and beautiful sight. Sunshine flooding in over crisp white bed linen, washed antique wood and a perfect globe of the bluest hydrangeas from the garden outside. Mellby KlockaregårdMellby KlockaregårdBuddleia and astrantia from the garden, a slipper bath and pale gold chairs to relax and read in.Mellby KlockaregårdMellby KlockaregårdAll the rooms here are a delight. Each room is decorated differently but all have beautiful vintage details accompanied by fresh flowers and potted plants.Mellby KlockaregårdMellby KlockaregårdSun down in the Swedish countrysideSun down in the Swedish countrysideSun down in the Swedish countrysideAfter settling in, we took a walk up the street to watch the sun go down over beautiful fields filled with wild flowers, chamomile and barley. So peaceful and calm, no sounds except the faint rustle of the grain.Sun down in the Swedish countrysideSun down in the Swedish countrysideSun down in the Swedish countrysideBetter than any bedtime story, we wandered back to our home for the evening and slept better than ever. If you are just joining me pop over here and here for parts 1 and 2. Part IIII should be ready for a Sunday evening read.

This trip wouldn’t have been possible without our generous trip collaborators Visit Sweden, to plan your own summer or autumn adventure in this region, hop over here! xSun down in the Swedish countryside

  • Camilla Jørvad Knudsen
    August 18, 2017

    Have always loved my neighbouring countries. And your photos just make me feel happy and relaxed :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Eva Nemeth
    August 28, 2017

    Mellby Klockaregård – hear palpitation? Definitely. Magical place, will definitely visit one day.