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J. Lorraine, TX. Ghost TownReady for some travel journal fun in one of the most vibrant friendly cites I have ever visited? Earlier this spring (between the snow spells) we packed our bags and headed for a week of sunshine and tacos in Austin, Texas. We met up with beautiful friends who live in the city and were getting married in an amazing location just out of the city. I found the sweetest home from home cabin on Airbnb – with goats!Stay on Willow Street Austin TexasIt was magical to leave behind a cold and frosty UK and be welcomed by the Texas sun and friendly faces. Read on for things not to miss and a peek around the beautiful parks and neighbourhoods. I have excitedly linked throughout this post but will pop a favourite collection of must-see places and cafes to visit over on Steller that is easier to use should you be in the city! :)Willow Street Austin TexasThis Airbnb is pure magic, homegrown food sprouting up in the garden, dogs and goats to greet you along with our lovely host Jennifer. The house is dreamy and our private cabin at the back was nestled away amongst the trees.Airbnb Austin TexasWater lily Willow Street Austin TexasWillow Street Austin TexasWillow Street Austin TexasWillow Street Austin TexasThe garden was such a visual feast, we didn’t want to leave, planted with love – abundant and wild with food and flowers, scabious tangled with violets, mini ponds here and there, bees in hives and animals roaming around.Willow Street Austin TexasWillow Street Austin TexasDean’s best friend loved a back scratch!Willow Street Austin TexasFlat Track Coffee, Austin, TexasFlat Track Coffee, Austin, TexasOnly a short walk away – the best coffee in town, Flat Track, with iced mint tea for me and doughnuts for all.Flat Track Coffee, Austin, TexasFlat Track Coffee, Austin, TexasWe do love a place where everyone is welcome.Flat Track Coffee, Austin, TexasFlat Track Coffee, Austin, TexasWhenever I am in the US, I wander the neighbourhoods with my stoop and veranda envy building up gently along the way. This is a country that really knows how to do front of house – from shabby to fancy I love them all. Staying on Willow Street was the perfect choice as it’s on the East side where the food is amazing and the streets are a riot of artistic flare.Willow Street Austin TexasWillow Street Austin TexasAfter leaving the UK it was like a tropical paradise here with abundant flowers spilling from every garden and cacti towering above us at the side of the road.Willow Street Austin TexasWillow Street Austin TexasWillow Street Austin TexasWillow Street Austin TexasWillow Street Austin TexasI could get quite used to living in a place where stars fall from the trees and land at your feet.Willow Street Austin TexasWillow Street Austin TexasWe spent lots of time wandering the area, in and out of the shade of the trees and delighting in the gardens people had created. When we were younger the stores would always be our first port of call when travelling, fast forward ten years and it’s all about plant cuttings and taking notes on how people build their rustic fences!Willow Street Austin TexasWillow Street Austin TexasWillow Street Austin TexasWillow Street Austin TexasWillow Street Austin TexasJ. Lorraine, TX. Ghost TownThe weekend saw us out at the amazing passion project J. Lorraine, Ghost Town. A life-sized western ghost town built on the outskirts of town with a maze, three saloons and more. J. Lorraine, TX. Ghost Town WeddingOur friends hired J. Lorraine for their wedding and it was pretty special to help out dressing the town with hundreds of twinkling festoon lights and blooms. Then to watch it change from dusty ghost town to a vibrant place filled with love and merriment. The bride rode in on a horse, the flowers were bright and wild, the music was great, I didn’t get lost in the maze and the evening was one of the most magical and memorable ever.J. Lorraine, TX. Ghost Town WeddingIf you are ever out this way be sure to swing by for one of their weekend or evening shindigs, the place has dusty props galore and a magic all its own.J. Lorraine, TX. Ghost TownDown Town AustinAustin the view from Mount BonnellBack on the road we drove up to Mount Bonnell (a high point along the Lake Austin portion of the Colorado River), to see the city from above. A happy discovery on our return was Mayfield Park a preservation centre with a sweet white cottage and lush gardens filled with more peacocks than I have ever seen before. Everywhere we looked we spotted another one up in a tree, on the roof or stalking about the grounds.Mayfield Park, Austin, TexasMayfield Park, Austin, TexasMayfield Park, Austin, TexasThese guys really put on a feathery show for us.Zilker Botanical GardenAnother beautiful green space – Zilker Botanical Garden, giant butterflies floating about, Texas wildflowers peering out from everywhere, a tranquil Japanese garden and the biggest staghorn ferns you might ever see.Zilker Botanical GardenThe sun was particularly hot this day so we headed for the shade of the trees and rose gardens in Zilker Park for an hour or two and on our walk back from the botanical park, made a pit stop at the original Chuy’s on Barton Springs road for nachos and frozen margaritas to cool off, this place is a Mexican diner with a riot of colourful decor and fast food.Wild Texas - Texas Blue Bonnet flowersOne of our days we drove out to Enchanted Rock – unfortunately, it was closed by the time we got there due to adverse weather conditions – preparing for heavy rain and possible flash floods. Worth the trip if the weather is good or not just for the landscape and wildlife. We drove the scenic way through and on to Fredericksburg and Johnson City, with fingers crossed that the clouds wouldn’t break.Wild Texas, Enchanted Rock - Long horn cattleCouldn’t pass by these majestic beauties without stopping to say hello and just up the road possibly the best general store ever? Wild Texas, Enchanted Rock General StoreWe promptly arrived in Fredericksburg with a downpour of rain – like I have only witnessed a few times in my life.FarmHaus - Fredericksburg, TexasBuy, never ones to let the rain get the better of us, we parked up and made a dash for cover – finding Farm Haus Antiques a vintage lovers paradise. It will make you want to fill a container and have it shipped home!FarmHaus - Fredericksburg, TexasFarmHaus - Fredericksburg, TexasThis place goes on and on, with rustic happiness in many rooms, indoors and out.FarmHaus - Fredericksburg, TexasFarmHaus - Fredericksburg, TexasAnother stop not to miss if you are driving out this way – The Pioneer Museum, it is as quaint and pretty as it gets and will have your nostalgia levels at an all-time high.Fredericksburg, TexasSpring in Austin texasBack in town we hung with friends and ate our own bodyweight in tacos, with every kind of filling imaginable.Spring in Austin texasSo much amazing signage in America and in Austin there are murals and paintings everywhere, colourful buildings and decorated corners.Spring in Austin texasWe loved just walking the streets and seeing what appeared around each sunny corner.Spring in Austin texasA week here wasn’t quite long enough but I really have a hard time leaving our four-legged babies behind for longer than that. Pop over to Steller to see my pocket guide if you are planning on visiting the city! Back soon with another hidden East Sussex gem, I know you will love xWillow Street Austin Texas

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      Yay! Thank you – it was a wonderful week! :)