Urban Jungle Bloggers March Are you ready for a picture bombardment, I hope so?! I’m just behind schedule but still here before the end of the month with my March Urban Jungle Bloggers post. This month we are celebrating all things Spring with bulbs, flowers and something pretty to put on your April Table.indoor gardeningI had a ball at my local plant nursery choosing this cheerful gang of Primulas, Narcissi and Fritillaries. I wanted my arrangement to be bright, delicate and unusual all at once, so I think this combo good mix of heights and styles.indoor gardeningTo make an indoor table display similar to this you will need – a large round pot, broken pottery for drainage, grit, sand, container soil and a mixture of your favourite spring blooms. indoor gardeningAll my tools are down the end of our very wet garden in a decaying shed filled with spiders, so I chose some basic kitchen equipment to take their place. Spoon = trowel – bowl = shovel and mixing bowl = wheel barrow. I mixed two thirds soil, with one third grit and sand together then set about deciding on my arrangement.indoor gardeningI love making a mess indoors, it’s so much fun. I did pop a waterproof cloth down on the floor though, as I had to unearth the primulas and rejig everything a couple of times to get the balance right, before I was happy. Don’t want grass growing up between the floor boards now do we?!indoor gardeningAs you can see my spoon trowel came in very handy! I placed the primulas around the front, fritillary bulbs in the centre and tall narcissus bulbs at the back, before filling in all the gaps firmly with my soil mix. Then I gave them just a splash of water to keep them happy, and popped the pot on top of a terracotta plate to catch any overflow water (and spare my record cabinet any further varnish damage)!Urban Jungle Bloggers MarchUrban Jungle Bloggers MarchPlants in the homeI am so pleased with the end display, even more colour for our garden room and just in time it seems, as the weather has taken a very grey and wintery turn. Come on sunshine! Garden room decorPlants in the homeThese beautiful white double head narcissus started to open up properly after I had taken my pictures so I went back for more today! Plants in the homeGarden room decorSpring Plants in the homeI find it so satisfying working with plants, I could spend days potting them up and adding more and more to each room in our house. Next I need to re-home all my succulent babies and find some nice pots for my cacti collection – there is a little stand in the town centre near here and I seem to pick one or two up on my visits to town, the windowsill is looking a bit crowded! Garden room decorOn the plus side it’s better for my hips if I spend my latte money on a plant or two (and they might last forever if I look after them). Happy planting!Plants in the home

  • Igor Josifovic
    March 31, 2015

    Such a beautiful styling, Jeska! Love the colourful blooms, they definitely add that touch of spring and Easter into a room! Thank you for joining us again!!!!

  • Abi | These Four Walls blog
    March 31, 2015

    Such lovely, happy spring styling! I love the colours x

  • Judith
    April 6, 2015

    Hahaha plantes are definitely more lasting than a latte :D Love how spring-y your terracotta planter looks with a high center piece and smaller plants and blooms around it. And the little terracotta plate is very clever, no more spills on the vintage cabinet <3. Thank you for joining the Urban Jungle Bloggers again, Jeska!