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Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-1It’s getting pretty busy around here, as you can probably tell from my sporadic posts! But to prevent any kind of cabin fever we have a clever little trick that takes us to new places and out in the fresh air. Mini breaks in the form of walking afternoons. Emotionally refreshing and something that busy freelance schedules should allow for to keep creativity and productivity up!Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-2Our first one of the season took us to Lamb House in Rye, only a few miles away and somewhere we have never visited before, despite having walked past it a hundred times! I had also been offered to pavement test some new boots from Seven Boot Lane. My first pair of ankle boots for a few years, I chose a soft but structured, walnut suede pair. It turns out – they are the perfect comfy boots to welcome in dry autumn days.Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-3Inside Lamb House, the home of the late writer Henry James, you can explore three of the downstairs rooms and garden. I couldn’t wait to see the changing garden beyond these doors.Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-4Tapestry curtains and wood paneling, worn rugs and the amber glow from antique wall sconces. Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-5The house became a centre for Henry James’s wide circle of literary friends, including H.G.Wells, Joseph Conrad, Rudyard Kipling, Max Beerbolm, Hilaire Beloc, G.K.Chesterton, Compton Mackenzie and Ford Maddox Ford, can you imagine the dinner conversation that was had here!Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-6The garden is charming, with large trees, brick, stone and shingle pathways, we were lucky to get in on the last weekend it is open this year (someone still lives in the house). Hats off to Dean, who managed to catch the photos of me looking not too ‘frowny’. I am not a happy model, and my resting face is quite serious for someone who is quite jovial (most of the time), I assure you ;)Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-7 Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-8I wonder if all that berry folklore will turn out to be right? The Holly trees are full of bright red berries which is said to mean a harsh winter is on the way. Some of my other favourites – ‘Squirrels gathering nuts in a flurry, Will cause snow to gather in a hurry’. ‘Onion skins very thin, mild winter coming in; Onion skins thick and tough, coming winter cold and rough’. So, what are your onion skins saying?!Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-9 Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-10The walled garden has a modest fish pond with miniature fountain, flower beds a vegetable patch and more formal borders near the house. The falling leaves and autumn colours everywhere made my afternoon.Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-11 Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-12 Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-13The dark sky loomed but never broke and turned into the most spectacular sunset, which I only caught in a fleeting snap from the car on our way home. Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-14 Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-15If you are after a new pair of shoes or boots for the colder months, the lovely peeps at Seven Boot Lane are offering my readers a 15% discount with the code LOBSTER&SWAN and it’s valid from Today the 23rd of October until the 5th November. Just enough time to get cosy toes for bonfire night!Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-16 Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-17 Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-18 Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-19 Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-20 Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-21 Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-22 Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-23A swift half for him and a hot chocolate for me in The Standard Inn, our favourite pub in Rye – before wandering the twinkly cobbled streets back to our car.Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-24 Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-25 Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-26 Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-27As the sun set we made our way home, refreshed and inspired from an afternoon out of the office, and I can never visit Rye without coming home with a paper bag full of goodness from Merchant and Mills.Seven-Boot-Lane-Shoes-in-Rye-East-Sussex-28

  • Francesca
    October 24, 2016

    Great post, as always! Rye looks so pretty, I’m definitely adding it to the list of places I want to visit in the UK. Oh, and I love how you styled the boots! I’ll have a look on the Seven Boot Lane website ;)


    October 26, 2016

    Stunning photos, must do a day trip to Rye soon! :)