A Sweet Scented SactuaryHello, Wednesday people! With my bathroom makeover still bottom of the to do list – I get my kicks by watching Kimberly’s renovation with anticipation and indulging with my favourite beauty products. Today I thought I would share some of the lovely things I can’t live without in my bathroom. These are all products I have and use at home, and they deserve better than sharing space with peach marble tiles and broken windows. Like me they also dream of one day being set down in a beautiful space – like the ones featured in this post!

Clarins pure melt cleansing gel – with Marula oil. This smells and feels divine and doesn’t sting my eyes when I am trying to dissolve three layers of mascara!

Dior Escale a Portofino a blend of Calabrian Bergamot, Italian Citron, Sicilian Petitgrain, Bitter Almond, Orange Blossom and Mediterranean Cypress essences – a refreshing citrus daytime scent that smells so lovely and clean.

Soap Smith Camden Town body butter melt – a seductive blend of coconut, bergamot and a hint of musk. It feels so good smoothed on to warm skin after a bath and I can’t explain just how melty it is!

Neom Cocooning candle – yesterday to cheer myself up, I  jumped in the hot tub, lit this candle and watched the clouds roll past the bathroom window. Letting the sweet smell of mandarin and jasmine melt away my woes. I have been taking part in the #NeomStressLessChallenge over the last couple of weeks and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The shock and stress of falling over at the station like an idiot, has not only left me with a painful internally bruised left hand – but also induced a bout of eczema on all my fingers. So staying calm to help it all heal is a must!Luxury Rose Geranium Bath SaltsNeom Real Luxury organic body scrub – this big pot of organic scratchy sugary goodness is still going strong. I love to use it in the evening when the lavender scent calms me before sleep.

Soapsmith Limehouse handmade soap – this one belongs to the man. I pinch it every now and then, the zesty lemongrass and limes smell so good and put a spring in my step on early mornings.

Zara Home Dark Amber handwash – a lovely smokey liquid soap that is a nice change from all the sweet floral or antibacterial hand washes out there, I always stock up when I’m passing their brighton store.

Lab Series Multi Action Face Wash – another one belonging to the husband but it really makes my face feel squeaky clean so I use it a couple of times a week.Luxury Rose Geranium Bath SaltsKissing Elixirs Cinnamint Fresh Breath Mist (wow that was a tongue twister) – love this all natural mouth freshener, so much better than chewing gum and eating sugary mints. Don’t know why it’s in the bathroom, I usually keep in in my bag.

Barr and Co Salve Balm – a gift from my friend Rose, this lovely balm is a great dry hand, elbow and heel saver, I slather it on at night and let it soak in while I sleep. The scent is milky oatmeal, vanilla and vetiver.

Tokyo Milk soap – any and all, they rarely get opened or used as the wrappers are just too pretty!

Last but not least – Parkminster Rose Geranium Bath Salts – the scent fills the whole house while I’m running a bath and real rose petals add a luxury sanctuary feel to a soak. Happy bathing! x

Bathroom images My first little placePaul Massey via Sanctuary and Country Living. You can find more bathroom inspiration images on my pinterest board here x

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