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Starry night camping under the starsHello, this week I have gathered together my favourite items from The Future Kept for six gently themed winter gift guides. Last year I never managed to get myself together to prepare any and I love making them, so I am back with gusto – fired up on hot chocolate and unusually early festive spirit! I think it might be the added excitement of knowing we have a space for a tree for the first time in four years too. All the items are ethically and sustainably sourced from the UK and further afield. This collection is for outdoorsy types and lovers of adventures – big or small. Cosy and useful gifts that are easy to throw in a bag for a great adventure or an evening under the stars in your own back garden. Gift guide for adventurous folkThese are always the things I want close on an adventure – A candle for a delicately scented glow, a beautiful woven scarf, pair of knitted socks and a hat, a knife for all kinds of tasks, a good soap (plus dish and wash bag for a long wander), a cosy blanket, a good bar of chocolate and tin of drinking chocolate for fireside hand warming and sustenance – splash of bourbon optional.Walking the highlandsFor those who like the cosiness of a plump armchair or their favourite spot on the sofa indoors – better than walking in the wilds at this time of year. How about some gentle and sweet pine fragranced incense and a pot of forest tea for a sense of the outdoors from inside the comfort of your own home. Five more guides coming up! All links and pricing below, have a magical week :)Rustic shelvesChunky woollen socks

Adventure folk Gift Guide

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