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Morning Rituals A bit later than I hoped but here is my second winter gift guide! Beautiful presents for home-loving folk. After my working day is done, I love to relax in as calming surroundings as I can. Tactile handmade homewares from ceramic mugs to hand turned bowls are the things that take the edge off modern living and make me smile. I love getting gifts for our home, I think feathering the nest has been a lifelong passion since I was a little girl and had my own wendy house. So for folks like me, that love a gift for their home as much as a gift for themselves – here goes!

Homely Winter Gift GuideMacrame baskets handwoven in India for taking shopping – or use as we do to store tea towels in the kitchen, an incense burner and sticks, if you know me – you know I try to get at least one zen filled half hour per day (power zenning ha), usually in the morning before I start work. In the evenings a cosy blanket (and a mug of hot chocolate) is my must-have item, Dean is always hot but I’ll have a scarf on by the fire and an extra layer to snuggle in too.washable paper sacks Washable paper storage bags, we use these all over the place here, to store make-up, napkins, craft supplies and even keep salt and pepper in the baby ones! My other constant in the kitchen is a jar of lovely honey and a dipper to drizzle it into my morning cup, I love honey in my tea, on my toast and with hot water, freshly grated ginger and a slice of lemon to fend off winter colds.Winter views Beeswax candles to light the evenings, I always have a scented candle burning in the living room of an evening for an hour or two and one beeswax one in the bathroom to light the path up the hallway in the dark, little cosy additions to make our home feel like a little old cabin deep in the woods. They help bring my dreams of old-time prairie style living to life. Low lighting with my wild imagination easily melt together to edit out modern trappings such as wires and plugs.Outdoor styleTake a peek and have a magical first weekend of December! Back soonish with more ;) x

gifts for home loving folk

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