Styling products from Amelie Mancini BrooklynHey and hello! I am finally back online after my trip to Ireland last weekend to meet my new nephew (who might I say, is a little darling). The five days were a welcomed break and filled with family dinners, a christening and fresh air woodland walks. Then I stepped off the plane at Gatwick at 8.30 am on Tuesday, and have been frantic ever since! Packing orders, meeting possible new suppliers, and trying out new a Tea shop. Amelie Mancini Brooklyn in the UKAs you can see in the top picture, I have been spending all my days, draped in my favourite, tatty, over-worn, grey cardigan, arranging and re-arranging all the beautiful new things that have arrived for The Future Kept. This week our long awaited delivery of amazing textiles all the way from Brooklyn finally arrived. After they were held hostage in customs for an age, I was crazy excited to tear open the package and unpack these printed linens by Amelie Mancini. My bag lust-ometer went through the roof and this one below, never made it online (don’t worry we have a few more). It had to be mine. Hand screen printed linen, soft buttery leather accents, two inside pockets and enough room to carry way to many things – keeper!

Amelie Mancini Shingles BagI must admit, my writing here has taken a back seat to all the other commitments in my life, over the last couple of weeks. So, thank you so much for sticking around. Finding a balance for each side of my new working life to thrive, has been way harder than expected. Some days I just want to run, but I won’t! I also wanted to add that – I won’t be talking shop all the time. Just when new and exciting things happen, which to be honest is most days but I’ll keep a lid on it, and try to share all my excitement just once a week. Happy Saturday x By Designere - Amelie Mancini Brooklyn

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